Illuminated Room Plaques Signs

The lighted room address plagues signs are a six inch squared backlit edge-lit sign that works well in any application that requires an elegant architectural numbering system. The number Plagues can accommodate up to 5 numbers and is a highly customizable product that can made with different stainless finishes and LED Color Illumination.

The panels feature a uniquely designed hinge system that concealed the countersink wall screws The front panel surface is finished in a 316 stainless steel available in a satin or IP black finish. The lighted number sign can be ordered with an optional stainless braille.

Custom room number signs for contract projects can be fabricated in different sizes and shapes. Different metal surfaces are available including Bronze, Black or Brass. The room number sign plagues connect to a 12V LED Power Supply with a minimum of 0.5A, six Creed LED illuminate the numbers and the acrylic back panel.

The front panel accommodates up to 5 numbers and is available in four colors. Designed in California by Luxello

Illuminated Room Plaques Signs

From: £165.00

Lighted Room Number Plaques – Black

Brushed IP Black
6" x 6" inches

    £ 145

Lighted Room Number Plaques – Brushed

Brushed Stainless Steel
6" x 6" inches

    £ 140

Illuminated Number Signs
Part: LUX5-BR
W: 6″, H: 6″, D: 0.36″
316 Stainless Steel 1/8″
Power: 8 – 16 Volt AC
Creed LED Chip
Lead time 5- 6 weeks

How do you select the numbers?
On the product page you will find a drop down menu, select each digit you require and add it to the shopping
cart one number at the time. The quantity gets adjusted in the shopping cart only.

What sizes of numbers and letters does Luxello make?
Luxello makes the backlit numbers and letters in six sizes including 3”, 5”,  8”, 10”, 16” and 24” inch. There are also 1 - 2 custom sizes that are available upon request. All the numbers can be ordered in the following metal colors including Brushed Silver, Black, Bronze, Brass and Brushed Red combined with any of the LED color options.  You will find most of the colors and sizes listed from the overview page.

What are spacers for?
You will require the spacers if you like to have the numbers projected of the wall by 1/2” inch.  If you want to install the numbers flushed with the wall you do not require the spacers.

Electrical Requirements  ?
The numbers require a minimum of 10 - 12 Volt AC or DC for optimum voltage. These are low voltage so you will require a transformer like a doorbell  transformer or a 5 Watt LED Driver.   A single power supply is enough to illuminated up to 6 numbers. The wires from each number all get connected to the same power supply they do not have any polarity. If you have a battery power pack that can output the required voltage requirements then you can use that as well.
LED driver options

Light Sensor ?
You can have the numbers go on automatically at dusk by installing a light sensor from Lutron on a switch. the switch will turn the power supply on and off which in turn feeds the power to the numbers.

How do I order a custom color ? 
If you don’t see the specified combination of the metal house number and LED illumination you are looking for you can always special order the color and size you are requesting. Custom orders take in general about 2 - 3 weeks.  To place a custom orders you will need to order the style and size that is available online  please forward us the order confirmation number and we will make the changes to the order that you are requesting.

How do I order a backplate for my Numbers 
A backplate panel for the numbers can be ordered together with any of the 5” numbers only. You must order the spacer kit when ordering the backplate. The panels will be shipped to you pre-assembled. The backplate panels come in four sizes and in 4 different colors. Once the order has been placed will you receive another email requesting confirmation  the number sequence for the panel.

5” Horizontal Backplate

5” Vertical Backplate

8” Horizontal Backplate Panel

8” Horizontal Carbon Fiber Backplate Panel

If you have any other questions please do let us know.